Working for Troton means passion

The team consists of well-knit professionals, who thanks to their enthusiasm want to develop the company and change the world. Our employees are able to pursue their occupational ambitions, by using their creativity and independence in making decisions. We offer a friendly atmosphere, at one of the best employer’s in the region. Working in Troton means the stability of employment and a lot of additional benefits. Join us and find out by yourself, why we have been awarded “The Employer of the Year” Award.

Development & Independence in decision making process

Every employee at Troton is able to pursue their ideas in their specialization. We invest in people and believe in their independence, abilities and talents which result from their inner passions and interests. You can spread your wings and pursue your dreams and Troton will be supporting you in it. We enable our employees to broaden and upgrade their skills by financing their training courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees or language courses.

Great atmosphere

We treat each other with respect, our team is well-knit with a positive atmosphere. We believe that by working in a team work, we can achieve more. We also integrate with each other outside work, by organising trips and events, as well as taking part in many important social projects such as The clean-up of Parsęta river bank.


Good health and wellbeing of our employees and their families is crucial to us and forms a basis of our common success. Troton offers the employees a possibility to buy life insurance, subsidizes medical health care and sports card as well as camps for children.

Work-life balance

We create conditions for our employees to combine work with private life. We work from 8am until 4pm, in one shift system. Our head office is based in Ząbrowo, with spacious offices and production facilities surrounded by beautiful and tranquil Parsęta valley, which is our heritage. The most important thing for us is not where, but how, this is why we opened another office in Poznań, where our employees can work from.

Employees' references


Export Manager

"I have always wanted to work with an international team and get to know new cultures. Troton sends me for business trips in the furthest corners in the world, which lets me learn new things and develop constantly. It is an interesting job, which totally absorbes me."


Manager of the Training Department

„I am interested in trade news. I like working with people and share my knowledge with them. In Troton, I have an access to the most up-to-date pieces of information and well-developed technical facilities.”


Manager of the lab

Together we can achieve everything, what separately would only be available in dreams. Strong and well-knit team is crucial and the team consists of people, who achieve mutual goals, doing it for the development of the company. Fruitful cooperation, based on good communication, support and mutual trust are values I am guided by in my every day work.