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Troton introduced a new acrylic primer Master DTM Primer Sealer 4:1.

It is a high quality 2K multi-functional primer with anticorrosive additives, available in 3 versions: filling, grounding and wet on wet.
Thanks to the use of advanced technology and high quality raw materials, the DTM Primer Sealer has a very wide range of applications. It works perfectly both as a filling and grounding primer.
It can be applied directly to metal, providing an excellent protection against corrosion for areas sanded to bare steel. It insulates difficult substrates very well and putty areas from varnish coatings, protecting them against mapping effect.
An additional advantage of the primer is the possibility of applying it with the „wet on wet” technique, without the need for sanding.
DTM Primer Sealer 4:1 is available in colours: grey, white and black. Mixing available colours in right proportions enables to come up with 2 additional colours, which allows working in full spectral grey system and selection of a recommended colour of the primer for a target colour of the basis.

• Excellent anti-corrosion protection of steel
• Very good insulating and filling properties
• Very short curing time
• Can be applied using the „wet on wet” technique
• Strong adhesion to various types of substrates
• Work in the spectral gray system.

Gloss grade: matt
Curing time: 2÷3 h / 20°C.

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