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250 g resin + hardener + glass mat 0,25m2


2323 (fast)

250 g resin + hardener + glass mat 0,25m2


Gloss grade


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Set with constructional polyester resin for manual laminating, hardener and glass mat. Designed for big damage repairs on car body, caravans, trailers and yachts. Available in version standard and fast.


  • Very good adhesion to metal.
  • Very durable and flexible.
  • Minimal layer crunch.
  • High sanding quality.


Product has very good adhesion to various substrates.  It can be applied over:

  • Steel and aluminum after flatting and degreasing.
  • Zinc coated steel after flatting and degreasing.
  • Sanded glass fibre (GFK/GRP), polyester putties, acrylic and epoxy primers and existing coatings in good condition.

Caution:  Do not apply the putty directly on the wash primers, 1K acrylic and nitrocellulose products.

Important informations

mixing ratio
100 : 4

gel time
19 ÷ 21 min. / 20°C

hardening time
35 ÷ 45 min. / 20°C

P80 ÷ P120

Application process


Dedicated especially to big damage repairs and corroded parts of car body.

Mixing ratio per weight

Resin 100
Activator 4

Stir accurately.

Layer thickness

Few layer can be applied.

Gel time

19-21 min. in 20°C

Hardening time

35÷45 min. in 20°C.

Temperature below 20°C significantly increases the hardening time.


Coarsing sanding (dry): P80÷P120.

1/Prepare a suitable piece of glass mat so that it extends approx. 2 cm beyond the repaired area.
2/Apply the resin mixed with the hardener with a brush.
3/Put the mat down, press and saturate it with resin using a brush. Several layers can be applied.
4/Wait approx. 40 minutes. Treat the hardened surface of the laminate machanically or even with a polyester putty.
5/Minimal application temperature is +10oC.

NOTE: Do not pour the remaining resin mixed with a hardener into the can.

Further works

Polyester laminates can be covered directly by:
- 2K polyester putties,
- 2K polyester spray putties,
- 2K epoxy putties.
- 2K acrylic fillers.
- 2K epoxy fillers.

General notes

- Use personal protection equipment during the 2K products application.
- Protect eyes and respiratory system
- The rooms should be well ventilated.
- Tools should be washed directly after application.

Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for
the products.

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