Seam Sealant

Sealing compound

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Quick-drying product designed for sealing joints, seams and welds in body parts. The product guarantees a flexible seal that provides excellent protection against water, moisture, dirt and dust. After curing, it forms a smooth, non-cracking layer, covered with all paint systems. It can be applied with a nylon brush or spatula.

Application process


- The surface to be covered must be thoroughly cleaned, dry, dust-free and degreased.
- Before applying the compound, it is recommended to protect the surface with a primer.
- Spread the product over the surface to the required thickness.
- The molded layer will remain intact until it is completely dry, so further molding is not required.
- Remove the superfluous part of the compound with nitrocellulose thinner or acrylic thinner. Once cured, the product can only be removed mechanically.

Note: For safety purposes, always follow the data on the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product.

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