Seam Sealant

Seam sealant with aluminum fillings

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One component seam sealant based on synthetic rubber with aluminum filings. Intended for sealing repairs that need to leave a trace of the brush when dry. The addition of aluminum particles facilitates precise placement of the sealant and improves the operational performance of the product. It is highly flexible and fast-drying. Characterized by low shrinkage during drying and excellent adhesion to steel, glass, wood, concrete, plastic and zinc-aluminum surfaces. Features high resistance to vibration, mechanical damage, temperature and weather conditions. Can be overpainted by all kinds of clearcoats and primers dedicated to car body repair. Can be applied in thick layers without the risk of cracking.


  • First, clean the surface carefully, dry and degrease.
  • The product should be applied with a brush (stiff, nylon brush are recommended). When a thicker coat layer is required, the sealing mix can be taken in larger quantities straight from the can, using the brush as a putty knife.
  • Spread the product on the surface to the desired thickness. A layer formed in this way should remain intact until it dries completely.
  • Sealant can be overpainted after about 20-30 minutes from application, without the risk of gaps and cracks on paint. Full curing time depends on the thickness of the applied layer.

Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the Safety Data Sheet for the given product.

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