UBS Anti-Gravel

Underbody protection agent

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Fast drying agent based on synthetic resin for the protection of car bodies. Provides good soundproofing properties and long-term protection against chemical and mechanical factors, like; gasoline, oil, water and salt. Creates strong, flexible layer stone impact resistant. Provides vry good adhesion creating a visible structure. DOESN’T contain asphalt and bitumen. It can be covered with any acrylic clear coat.


The product has very good adhesion to various surfaces. It can be applied over:

  • polyester laminates
  • polyester putties
  • epoxy primers
  • 2K acrylic primers
  • steel substrates
  • aluminium substrates.
  • stainless steel substrates.
  • zinc coated substrates.
  • wash primers.
  • plastics

It is recommended to bake plastic panels at 50oC which helps to remove silicone from the surface.

Good preparation of the surface guarantees to obtain better results of body car repair.

Important informations




between layers
5 min.

hardening time
40 – 60 min. / 20°C

Application process

Substrates and preparation

Products has very good adhesion to different types of substrates. Can be applied over:
- poliester laminates
- polyester putties
- epoxy fillers
- 2K acrylic fillers
- steel
- stainless steel
- galvanized steel
- aluminium
- wash primers
- plastics

Polyester laminates have to be degrease, then dry sanded with abrasive paper (P80-120) and degreased again .
Polyester putties have to be dry sanded (P120).
Fillers must be degreased, dry sanded (P220 - P280) and degreased again.
Steel substrate must be degreased, dry sanded (P80 - P120) and degreased again.
Stainless steel substrate must be degreased.
Aluminium and zinc coated surface must be degreased, dull with unwoven abrasive fabric, and degrease again.
Old varnished coatings must be degreased, dry sanded (P220 - P280) and degreased again.
Plastics must be cleaned with water and cleaning agent, dull with unwoven abrasive fabric and degreased again.
In case of plastics before starting varnish work, it is recommended to bake the panel in 50°C which will help to remove silicones from the surface.


Shake before use!
Apply 2 or 3 single layers with time distance not longer than 5÷10 minut.
In case of application directly on steel it is recommended to apply top layer or enamel first.

Gun type:
Spray gun with nozzle 4mm under pressure 2÷4 bar.

Layer thickness:
approx. 100μm on each layer.

Drying time:
40÷60 min. in 20°C.

After 1 hour from application of the last layer surface can be covered with clear coat.

Caution: for safety always follow the MSDS card datas of the product!

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