What is a reactive primer?

It is a 2K reactive polyvinyl primer (wash primer), with very high anti-corrosion properties, applied on metal surfaces. A concentrated phosphoric acid plays a role of the activator/hardener. When touching metal, a layer of ferrous phosphate is begot, which creates a barrier for climatic factors.

Can surface paints be applied directly on reactive primer (wash primer)?

No, surface paints cannot be directly applied on wash primer. The reactive primer needs to be isolated by acrylic primer.

What is an epoxy primer?

It is a 2K epoxy primer mixed with the hardener in a correct ratio. It protects steel surfaces against corrosion, thanks to a strong cross-linking, it creates an effective barrier for dampness. To achieve a higher anticorrosion protection, in some epoxy primers, anti-corrosion agents are added.

Can epoxy primer be applied on reactive primer or wash primer?

No, epoxy primers should not be applied on reactive primers or wash primers, because a conflict may occur between them, which will weaken the effect of epoxy primer. Acrylic primers are applied on reactive primers and wash primers.

Can Rangers be applied in wet on wet system?

Yes, Rangers can be applied on wet on wet system, however correct time and thickness drying time need to be followed (see Technical Data Sheet).

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