R1 Regeneration

Regenerating and refreshing agent

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Product dedicated to regeneration and refreshment of plastic surfaces. Suitable to use on metal (chrome, brass, stainless steel,aluminium) and varnish. Thanks to penetration properties goes deep into the surface structure, restoring lost color and gloss. Creates resistant and flexible finishing layer, after drying.


Application: manual

Application process


•Surface should be dry and clean before use. Remove the wax, glossy layers, silicone. Plastic has to be clean with warm water and soap, rinse thoroughly and leave for min. 12 hours to dry.
• Do not use on white coatings.
• Apply with cloth or brush on whole surface. Application recommended temperature is 5- 35°C. Do not apply on overheated surface.
• Leave on 10-20 min. (it is recommended to work on the size of the surface which can be finished in 20 min.).
•Remove the residues with clean cloth.
• Leave to dry.
• To achieve the higher gloss level it is recommended to finish the process with a microfiber cloth.

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