MS 2:1

Acrylic clear coat

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art. nr.


quantity in box


1 l



5 l


hardener for clear coat


0,5 l



2,5 l


Gloss grade

high gloss

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High quality bicomponent acrylic clear coat with high gloss and increased resistance SR (Scratch Resistant). Designed for quick spot repairs and complete car body painting.


  • Very good flow.
  • High gloss.
  • Hard and durable coating.
  • High Scratch resistance.
  • Universal use.


MS Acryl Clear Coat 2:1 can be applied over:

  • Base coats.
  • Old finishes in good condition after matting and degreasing.

Important informations


mixing ratio
2 : 1 + 0÷3%

spray viscosity
15 ÷ 16s / 20°C

pot life
5 h / 20°C

2 full layers
ø1,3 ÷ 1,4 mm

between layers
approx. 5 min.

before baking
approx. 10 min.

hardening time
30 min. / 20°C
30 min. / 60°C
(for standard hardener)

Application process


For car body repairs that require a durable finish.

Mixing ratio by volume

Clear Coat: 2
Hardener: 1
Thinner: 0÷3%

Spraying viscosity

15÷16 seconds at 20°C.

Pot life

Approx. 5 hours at 20°C.

Number of layers

2 full coats, 50÷70 µm of dry film for each layer
RP gun Parameters
Nozzle: 1.3÷1.4 mm; Pressure: 2,0÷2,2 bar.
HVLP gun Parameters
Nozzle: 1.3÷1.4 mm; Pressure inside the nozzle: 2,0 bar.

Evaporation time

Between layers: about 5 minutes
Before baking: about 10 minutes

Curing time

At 20°C
Dust free: about 30 minutes.
Ready to polish: after drying overnight.

At 60°C
Clear coat is ready to polish after baking for about 30 minutes and cooling down (about 2 hours).

Temperature below 20°significantly increases the drying time.

Drying with IR radiator

15÷20 minutes of short waves, depends from the type of the machine
Do not exceed the temperature of 60°C.
Follow the producer instructions.
Wait about 10 minutes before drying with IR radiator.

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