• Furniture Industry

    Furniture Industry

    Troton’s offer includes products for furniture renovation and care. Benefit from our long-standing experience to choose suitable and best products for the furniture sector.

  • Railway


    Troton’s Industry products guarantee durability and quality in many applications in railway sector. Trains operate in various weather conditions, in heat, snow, rain and when it is freezing cold. Troton’s products protect against loss of colour, corrosion and are resistant from cleaning with strong chemicals.

  • Steel-metallurgical industry

    Steel-metallurgical industry

    Troton’s products provide mechanical durability of steel and aluminum coating in metallurgical and steel industry, no matter what weather conditions or weight of the embarkation, they are resilient against corrosion and UV radiation.

  • Machinery industry

    Machinery industry

    Machines are often put up for a strong mechanical grating, changeable weather and road conditions as well as chemicals. Troton’s industry products offer clients the best solutions.

  • Decorative industry

    Decorative industry

    Our products are dedicated not only for the heavy engineering but for the light one. Adjusting to the specialist requirements, Troton’s products are also used in the decorative sector e.g. in garden leprechaun production. Nothing is impossible for us!

  • Other


    Our technical and lab departments work closely together to ensure Troton’s products are of the best quality and satisfy the highest requirements of our clients in various sectors and are environmental friendly. Contact our project managers to choose the best product for your firm.

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