Thinner V40

Thinner for acrylic systems


art. no.pojemność ilość w kartonie
3000022581 l6
3000022605 l4
slow 147125 l4
fast 147135 l4
Thinner V40


Thinner for acrylic systems is a mixture of specially combined organic solvents. it is dedicated for acrylic products – clear coats and primers in MULTI FÜLLER brand. It allows to get the final product of clearly defined parameters. Provides proper application, levelling and curing.

Detailed ratios for each product are given in technical data sheets.

Application process

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  • General notes

    To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for the product.

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  • Storage

    Store the product components between 15 to 25 oC in a sealed container, in dry and cool places, away from fire and heat sources, as well as direct sunlight.

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  • Warranty period

    Thinner for acrylic systems MULTI FÜLLER – 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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