Troton helps Ukrainians!

On the 25th of March 2022, Jan Wołejszo – Troton’s CEO, on behalf of the company, donated 30 000 Polish zloty to a good cause to Marian Sieradzki – the Mayor of Gościno. The money were allocated to buy food, cosmetics, clothes and other necessary things for Ukrainians, who found shelter in our borough.

On the 6th of April 2022, two more organisations from Kołobrzeg: Polish Red Cross and Pomagamy Foundation received food, cosmetics and medical donations from Troton’s CEO. Four defibrillators and two professional first aid kits worth 20 000 Polish zloty were donated to the Polish Red Cross. After Easter they’re to be transported to Ukraine as part of an accessory in hospitals, ambulance and firing range. Pomagamy Foundation received food and cosmetics worth over 50 000 Polish zloty, to be distributed amongst war refugees from Ukraine, who found shelter in Kołobrzeg.

Financial help and other donations are not the only help offered by Troton. The company also employs Ukrainians, pays them allowance at the start and pays for their accommodation, to help them with an adaptation in the new place. Furthermore, Troton donated financial help to organisations, which organize transport for Ukrainians from the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The board and employees of Troton deeply sympathise with Ukraine by actively supporting refugees and areas where war takes place. We oppose to the war and Russian invasion in the independent Ukraine.

Troton helps Ukrainians!

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