Very light and fast drying polyester body filler

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High-quality very lightweight polyester body filler designed for car body repairs. Thanks to its advanced formula, does not clog the sandpaper and allows for almost immediate sanding. Features very short hardening time combined with an extremely smooth finish (no finishing putty necessary!), allowing for a significant reduction in repair time. Product shows excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces.


  • Can be sanded after only 10 min. after application.
  • Does not clog the sand paper.
  • Very easy to mix and apply.
  • Does not require finishing putty.


The product has very good adhesion to various substrates. It can be applied over:

  • Steel and aluminum after flatting and degreasing.
  • Zinc coated steel after flatting and degreasing.
  • Sanded glass fibre (GFK/GRP), polyester putties, acrylic and epoxy primers and existing coatings in good condition.

We recommend sandpaper with gradations: P80÷P120.

Important informations


mixing ratio by weight
100 : 2

pot life
4 ÷ 6 minutes

drying time
10 ÷ 20 min

P100 ÷ P180
P180 ÷ P280

Application process


Very lightweight polyester body filler for car body repairs.

Mixing propotion by weight

Body filler: 100 parts
Hardener: 2 parts
Stir thoroughly until a homogenous paste is obtained. Be careful not to create air inclusions.

Layer thickness

Body filler can be applied in several thin coats. After each of them the product should cure. Do not exceed the thickness of 3 mm.

Pot life 4÷6 minutes at 20oC

Drying time

10÷20 minutes at 20°C.

Temperatures below 20°C significantly increase the drying time.


Coarse sanding (dry): P100÷P180,
Finish sanding (dry): P180÷P280.

IR Drying

5÷7 minutes of short waves, depending on the layer thickness and the type of radiator.
Do not exceed the temperature of 60oC.
Use as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Caution: Wait about 5 minutes before the IR drying process

Further work

Polyester body fillers can be over coated with:
- 2K polyester body fillers and putties.
- 2K polyester spray fillers.
- 2K acrylic primers.
- 2K epoxy primers.

General notes

- Excessive amount of hardener will cause problems with bleaching of the topcoat!
- When working with 2K products, it is recommended to use personal protection equipment. Protect the eyes and air ways.
- Clean the guns and equipment immediately after use.
- The rooms should be well ventilated.

Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for the products.

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