Lambswool ‘D’ type



dimensionart. no.quantity per carton
Ø 130 mm 300006472100
Ø 150 mm300005556100
Ø 180 mm30000555580
Lambswool ‘D’ type


Polishing disc made of 100% natural lambswool.
Designed to remove defects and refresh all hard surfaces, like; ceramic varnish, technical gelcoats, industrial paints cured with UV.
Product might be used in automotive, industry (furniture) sector, as well as for products made of composites.
Wavy and thick wool layer makes the disc smooth and soft.


  • high efficiency
  • flexibility
  • very stable work temperature

Dimensions: Ø130 mm, Ø150 mm, Ø 180 mm

Attachment: velcro

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