Backing plates


typedimensionart. no. quantity per carton
yellow-black UNIVERSALØ 150 mm - for plate Ø 180 mm / M14300005880100
yellow-black UNIVERSALØ 120 mm - for plate Ø 150 mm / M14300005879100
redØ 80 mm / M14300007933100
red SOFTØ 120 mm - for plate Ø 150 mm / M14300005881100
for drill Ø 50 mm - for all plates with Ø 80 mm30000661550
for polisherØ 50 mm - for all plates with Ø 80 mm30000661650
red THINØ 150 mm / M14300007932100
yellow FLEXIØ 180 mm / M14300006474100
backing plate reductor M14 - DRILL300007934200
Backing plates


Backing plates in all dimensions and types:

  • BLACK AND YELLOW UNIVERSAL – standard with flexible edge
  • RED – with shock-absorbing layer which helps to work easily and polish even places hard to reach. Dedicated for polishing with foams and wools of BRAYT with diameter Ø 80mm and other applicators with diameter from Ø 75mm
  • RED SOFT – backing plate with soft and flexible divider, dedicated for polishing the surface with embossed structure
  • RED THIN – thin, shock-absorbing layerwhich provides stable work on large surfaces with diameter from Ø 150mm
  • YELLOW FLEXI – perfect for work with BRAYT polishing- finishing Ø 230mm pad and all the others applicators with diameter from Ø 180mm. Thanks to flexible structure provides easy work and lets to achieve hard to reach places during polishing.

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