Spark 07

Acrylic clear coat


art. no.capacity quantity in box
74471 l6
87605 l4
hardener for clear coat
standard 7448 0,5 l6
standard 87612,5 l4
fast 9428 0,5 l6
fast 92482,5 l4
slow 118672,5 l4
extra slow 99690,5 l6
extra slow 99702,5 l4

Gloss grade

high gloss
Spark 07


High quality 2K acrylic clearcoat with low content of volatile compounds. Dedicated for full body repairs. Gives a deep shine of the surface and brings out the depth of the base color. Features high durability with great UV protection.


  • Very high solids content >55%.
  • Excellent look of the surface.
  • Easy application.
  • Very good spray mist absorption.
  • Perfect flow.


Acrylic clear coats can be applied over:

  • Base coats.
  • Old finishes in good condition after matting and degreasing.

For dulling the color we recommend the following :

  • grey abrasive cloth with matting compound.
  • sanding paper with gradation of 600÷800 (for dulling on wet).
  • sanding paper with gradation of  360÷500 (for dulling by machine).

Important informations

  • Przetrzeć odtłuścić


  • Proporcje mieszania

    mixing ratio
    2 : 1 + 0%

  • Lepkość natryskowa

    spray viscosity
    17 ÷ 19s / 20°C

  • Żywotność mieszanki

    pot life
    3,5 h / 20°C (hard. standard)
    2 h / 20°C (hard. fast)

  • Liczba warstw

    1,5÷2×1 layer
    HVLP / RP
    ø1,3 ÷ 1,4 mm

  • Czas odparowania

    between layers
    approx. 5-10 min.

  • Czas odparowania

    before baking
    approx. 10 min.

  • Czas utwardzania

    hardening time
    40 min. / 20°C
    10 min. / 60°C
    (for standard hardener)

Application process

  • Zastosowanie
  • Use

    Fast body car repairs which require permanent finish.

  • Proporcje mieszania
  • Mixing ratio by volume

    Clear Coat: 2
    Hardener: 1
    Thinner for acrylic system: not required!

  • Lepkość natryskowa
  • Spraying viscosity

    17÷19 seconds in 20°C DIN4

  • Żywotność mieszanki
  • Pot life (double viscosity, clear coat is not suitable to use)

    3,5 hour in 20°C (hardener standard)
    2 hours in 20°C (hardener fast)

  • Liczba warstw
  • Number of layers

    Number of layers: 1,5÷2×1
    Gun parameters
    RP Nozzle: 1,2÷1,4mm; Pressure: 2,0÷2,2 bar.
    HVLP Nozzle: 1.3÷1,4mm; Pressure inside the nozzle: 2,0 bar.
    Caution: follow the gun producer instructions.

    Application process:
    – 1,5 layer – 1 middle, thin, then full layer with keeping the distance of 2 min. for evaporation between the layers, to obtain the thickness of a dry film 50-60 µm,
    – 2 layers – 2 full layers with evaporation time 5-10 min., to obtain the thickness of a dry film 60-75 μm,

  • Czas odparowania
  • Evaporation time

    Between layers: 5-10 min
    Before baking: 10 min

    Between layers: 5-10 min
    Before baking: 10 min

  • Czas utwardzania
  • Curing time

    At 20°C
    Dust free: 40 minutes.
    Touch free: 3 hours
    Useful hardness: 13 hours
    Complete hardness: 7 days

    At 60°C
    Dust free: 10 minutes.
    Touch free: 15 minutes
    Useful hardness: 15 min + 4 hrs /20°C
    Complete hardness: 15 min + 4 days /20°C

    Temperatures below 20°C significantly decrease the drying time.

  • Suszenie promieniem IR
  • Drying with IR radiator

    10÷15 minutes of short waves, depends from the type of the machine.
    Do not exceed the temperature of 60oC.
    Follow the producer instructions.
    Wait about 10 minutes before drying with IR radiator.

  • Informacja
  • Product efficiency

    1 liter of the mixture is enough to get approx. 10 m2 of 60 μm thickness dry layer.

  • Informacja
  • Shading

    Make sure you have covered all the surface with the clear coat. You should only shade the surface that has been covered and treated. Use a FADE OUT THINNER to clean any dust or dirt from the surface and to level out the optical gloss differences between the older and new applied coating.

  • Informacja
  • Polishing and removing impurities inclusions

    Usually polishing is unnecessary, as the SPARK 07 gives the surface a perfect look immediately after use. If some dirt inclusions appear, it is recommended to remove them and polish with a polishing compound.

  • Informacja
  • General notes

    – Do not exceed recommended doses of the hardener!
    – The best repair results can be achieved at room temperature. The temperature in the body shop and the temperature of the product should be similar.
    – Use the efficient personal protection equipment during the 2K products application. Protect
    eyes and the respiratory system.
    – The rooms should be well ventilated.
    – Tool should be washed after use.

    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for the products.

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