Velcro-thin corrugated polishing sponge


colorart. no. sizequantity per carton
white 300002182150 mm x 25 mm240
orange300002184150 mm x 25 mm240
yellow300002185 150 mm x 25 mm240
black 300002183150 mm x 25 mm240
Velcro-thin corrugated polishing sponge


Polishing sponges designed for mechanical polishing and sanding of car paints and lacquer coatings of various types, with the possibility of using coarse polishing pastes. They are characterized by high quality and professional workmanship. They can be used both wet and dry, in the speed range from 600 to 2600 rpm without load. The sponges do not vibrate during operation, which significantly affects their service life.

Sponges are available in four variants of hardness – colors, distinguishing their use:

White – hard , dense sponge, ideal for sanding and polishing of two-component acrylic varnishes.
Orange – medium-hard sponge, less dense, for polishing all types of varnishes.
Yellow – soft sponge, recommended for polishing all types of varnishes (does not eliminate factory moiré), does not cause a hologram effect.
Black – very soft sponge, especially designed for dark varnishes. Removes polishing marks, prevents hologram effects.

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