One Step Premium – new product on offer in Brayt

One Step Premium – new product on offer in Brayt

Brayt One Step Premium is a very successful and efficient new-generation product used for polishing made by Troton.

One Step Premium Polishing Compound works well with both rotary machine and orbital polisher as well as with most of the applicators available on the market. According to Andrzej Mucko from Brayt: „Both refinishers as well as car detailers will be content with One Step Premium”.

Working with rotary machines, it is a 2 step proces. However, when working with an orbital polisher, it is a 1 step process. It might be connected with the change of the applicator for the one which is more or less aggressive. Another important information for future users of this polishing compound is that it improves work with applicators made of foam, especially the so called budget ones. The polishing compound enables us to significantly speed up the time of work, especially when using the orbital polisher.

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