The new BRAYT polishing foams.

Troton expands its offer with the new Brayt polishing foams. Unique shape makes it easy to polish hard-to-reach places and the innovative foam reduces the effect of overheating the surface.

The structure of the foam and the central ventilation opening ensure good dissipation of the temperature generated during polishing, while maintaining the appropriate working hardness. They achieve a perfect end result together with Brayt polishing compounds.

The products are available in two variants: hard polishing foam – yellow and soft polishing foam – grey as well as two sizes: diameter 150mm and 80mm.

Hard foam dedicated for polishing and used with compounds as the first and second step (from cutting to polishing). Perfectly works with Brayt compounds, ensuring excellent polishing results when removing large and medium paint defects. Works perfectly with the following Brayt polishing compounds: T1 STRONG, ONE STEP PREMIUM, ONE STEP and T11.

Soft foam dedicated for finishing, removing holograms and minor scratches as well as applying waxes and protective coatings. It works perfectly with all Brayt polishing products, giving the polished surface a perfect finish. Works perfectly with the following Brayt polishing products: ANTIHOLOGRAM & MICROSCRATCH REMOVER, T3 QUICK WAX & SHINE, T4 PROTECT LIQUID, ONE STEP and ONE STEP PREMIUM.

The new Brayt polishing foams are already on sale. For more information check our website and ask our Project Managers.

The new BRAYT polishing foams.

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