TROTON in Raflatac Poland program

Ecological responsibility is a key aspect of our activities for the environment.

Our company has joined the program of Raflatac Poland company called RafCycle.Modern solutions from UPM Raflatac contribute to reducing CO2 emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. This is an important step for our company on the road to the introduction of a circular economy.This program provides an opportunity to reduce the use of natural resources by converting label waste into new products. Our label waste is processed into cellulose fibers and reused to produce backing paper. Thanks to the commitment of our employees, in the last quarter of 2022, we gave away almost 3 tons of waste resulting from this process. Because of this cooperation, we have contributed to reducing the felling of trees for the production of new backings.

In connection with granting us a certificate of a company that recycles label waste, we were visited by representatives of UPM Raflatac Polska, Mr. Patryk Topolnicki (Packaging Solutions Manager) and Mr. Mirosław Smagieł (Technical Sales Manager), who officially handed over the document to President Jan Wołejszo.

TROTON in Raflatac Poland program

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