Base Coat 1K Silver

Base Coat 1K Silver (metallic)


type art. no.capacityquantity per carton
AT:21221761 l6
21773,75 l4
AT:214 21961 l6
2193 3,75 l4
AT:217 21901 l6
21893,75 l4
AT:416 21951 l6
2174 3,75 l4
AT:41821801 l6
21733,75 l4
E 025 DL 21691 l6
2168 3,75 l4

Gloss grade

Base Coat 1K Silver


Fast drying 1K silver basecoat dedicated for car body refinishing. Product should be used with thinner for basecoat systems. Silver 1K basecoat can be mixed with other colors.

Silver basecoat is available in 5 gradations (from very fine grains up to large ones):

  • AT 418 finest grained;
  • AT 416, AT 217 i AT 214 very fine grains;
  • AT 212 semi large grains;
  • DL 025 very fine flip-flop grain.


  • High quality and coverage.
  • Does not require chemical hardening.
  • Air drying product.
  • Requires clear coat finish.


Apply the basecoat on dry and sanded acrylic primer.

Application process

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  • Dilution and application parameters

    Dilute with a base coat thinner 75÷100%. Set the spray viscosity to 16÷18s (FORD 4/20°C).
    Spray gun parameters:
    RP Nozzle: 1,2÷1,4mm; Pressure: 2,0÷2,2 bar.
    HVLP Nozzle: 1.3÷1,4mm; Pressure: 2,0 bar.

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  • Application

    Apply the base coat on a dried and sanded layer of acrylic primer.
    Apply 2 to 3 thin layers.
    Wait about 5÷10 minutes for solvent evaporation before applying each layer.
    After drying, cover it with an acrylic clear coat.

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  • General notes

    – The best repair results can be achieved at room temperature. Temperature in the body shop and temperature of a product should be the same.
    – When working with 2K products, it is recommended to use personal protection equipment. Protect the eyes and air ways.
    – The rooms should be well ventilated.

    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for
    the products.

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