HS acrylic clear coat


ColorArt. no.CapacityQuantity per carton
transparent149491 l6
transparent14950 5 l4
Hardener for clear coat
standard14951 0,5 l6
standard149522,5 l4
fast149530,5 l6
fast149542,5 l4
slow149550,5 l6
slow14956 2,5 l4

Gloss grade

high gloss



High quality 2-component HS acrylic clearcoat recommended for complete or fast partial car body repairs. The product creates a hard and crystal clear coating with increased scratch resistance (SR), which does not change the shade of the basecoat colour. Long open time and good stability on vertical elements allow the achievement, if desired, of an orange peel effect (structure) identical to the original factory painting.

1 litr of mixture is enough to cover a surface of 9 m2 with a layer thickness of 50 μm.


  • Crystal clear coating.
  • Very high gloss.
  • Good stability on vertical elements.
  • Long open time and very good overspray absorption.
  • Ability to create the desired structure identical to the original factory painting.
  • Hard and durable finish.
  • High scratch resistance.
  • Availability of 3 versions of hardener (standard, fast, slow)


Crystal HS 2:1 2K acrylic clearcoat can be applied over:

  • Base coats.
  • Existing coatings in good condition after sanding and degreasing.

Important informations

  • Przetrzeć odtłuścić


  • Proporcje mieszania

    mixing ratio
    2 : 1 + 10 %

  • Lepkość natryskowa

    spraying viscosity
    15 ÷ 17s /20°C

  • Żywotność mieszanki

    pot life for the mixture
    5 h / 20°C

  • Liczba warstw

    2 layers
    HVLP / RP
    ø1,2 ÷ 1,4 mm

  • Czas odparowania

    between layers
    5 ÷ 7 min.

  • Czas odparowania

    before baking
    10 min.

  • Czas utwardzania

    drying time
    30 min. / 60°C

  • Suszenie promieniem IR

    15÷20 min.

Application process

  • Zastosowanie
  • Use

    For car body repairs that require a durable finish.

  • Proporcje mieszania
  • Mixing ratio by volume

    Clear coat 2
    Hardener: 1
    Thinner: 10%

  • Lepkość natryskowa
  • Spraying viscosity

    15÷17 seconds at 20°C

  • Żywotność mieszanki
  • Pot life for the mixture

    about 5 hours at 20°C

  • Liczba warstw
  • Number of layers

    2 full layers, dry thickness of a single layer approx. 50 µm

    RP gun parameters
    Nozzle: 1.2÷1.4 mm; Pressure: 2,0÷2,2 bar.
    HVLP gun parameters
    Nozzle: 1.2÷1.4 mm; Inlet pressure: 2,0 bar.

  • Czas odparowania
  • Flash off time

    Between layers: 5 ÷ 7 minutes
    Before baking: about 10 minutes

  • Czas utwardzania
  • Drying time

    Drying time at 20°C
    Dust free: about 30-35 min
    Ready to polish: after drying overnight
    Drying time at 60°C
    Clearcoat is ready to polish after baking for about 30 minutes and cooling down (about 2 hours).

    Temperatures below 20°C significantly increases the drying time.

  • Suszenie promieniem IR
  • IR drying

    15÷20 minutes under short wave depending on the total thickness and type of radiator.
    Do not exceed maximum temperature of 60°C.
    Use according to the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer.
    Wait about 10 minutes before starting IR drying.

  • Informacja
  • Performance

    1 liter of the mixture is sufficient to coat 9 m2 with 50 μm of layer thickness.

  • Informacja
  • Shading

    Make sure you have covered all the surface with the clear coat. You should only shade the surface that has been covered and treated. Use InterTroton FADE OUT THINNER to clean any dust or dirt from the surface and to level out the optical gloss differences between the older and new applied coating.

  • Informacja
  • Polishing and eliminating defects

    Usually polishing is unnecessary, as the CRYSTAL HS 2:1 gives the surface a perfect finish immediately after application. However, if some dirt inclusions appear, we recommend removing them and then polishing the surface with an abrasive compound.

  • Informacja
  • General notes

    -Do not exceed recommended doses of the hardener!
    -The best repair results can be achieved by painting at room temperature. The temperature in the body shop and the temperature of the product should be similar. When working with 2K products, it is recommended to use personal protection equipment. Protect the eyes and airways.
    -The rooms should be well ventilated.
    – Clean the guns and equipment immediately after use.

    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for the products.

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