Silicone Remover

Silicone Remover


art. no capacityquantity per carton
3000022431 l6
3000022445 l4
Silicone Remover


Mixture of organic solvents that effectively cleans the surface of various contaminants, including grease, oils, silicones, etc. The use of the remover allows to avoid such painting defects as: fish eye and small craters.


Product intended for cleaning and degreasing various types of surfaces:

  • steel surfaces, aluminum,
  • galvanized steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • old coatings,
  • plastic surfaces,
  • acrylic primers,
  • polyester fillers.

The surface needs to be cleaned at least twice. Use a clean cloth each time. Allow for the degreaser to completely evaporate before the application of the next coating.

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