Epoxy Primer Anticorrosive

Epoxy primer spray


colorart. no.capacityquantity per carton
light grey300006522400 ml12
Epoxy Primer Anticorrosive


One-component primer designed to preparing the surfaces for top coating. The product features excellent anticorrosion properties and guarantees very good insulation from moisture. It is perfect to the spot repairs, may be covered by waterbased or solvent-based systems. Can be applied directly on steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium and old paint coatings.

Application process

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  • Surface and substrate preparation

    Surface should be dry sanded, degreased, cleaned and dry.
    Before using shake aerosol can for 2 minutes and try it on cardboard.

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  • Application

    Apply 2-3 layers of the primer for the prepared surface
    After use clean aerosol’s outlets – hold down aerosol’s valve, push the bottom and release contents for 5 seconds.
    Caution: For safety reasons always comply with information provided in the material Safety Data Sheet

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