UBS Anti-gravel



colorart. no.capacityquantity per carton
black300002289500 ml12
white 300002286500 ml12
grey300002291500 ml12

Gloss grade

UBS Anti-gravel


Product based on synthetic resins designed to protect car bodies against the harmful effect of the weather conditions, fuel, oil, water and salt. It creates a strong, flexible anti-gravel layer and provides soundproofing properties. Can be coated with any lacquer systems.

Application process

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  • Surface and substrate preparation

    The product shows very good adhesion to the following substrates:
    – polyester laminates
    – polyester putties
    – epoxy primers
    – two-component acryl fillers
    – steel substrates,
    – steel rustless surfaces
    – aluminium substrate,
    – plastic materials
    – wash primer

    Polyester laminates should be degreased, dry ground (P80-P120) and degreased again.
    Polyester putty should be degreased, dry ground (P120).
    Stainless material should be degreased.
    Steel surface should be degreased, dry ground (P80 – P120) and degreased again.
    Aluminium and galvanized surface should be degreased, dulled with the abrasive cloth and degreased again.
    Old coatings should be degreased, dry ground (P220 – P280) and degreased again.
    Plastic surface should be clean by water and detergent, dulled with the abrasive cloth and degreased again. We recommend warming the plastic element to temperature of 500°C, which facilitates the removal of any silicone from the surface.

  • Informacja
  • Application

    The best temperature for application: 15-25 °C.
    Shake the bottle before use 2 min and try spray on cardboard first.
    Spray the surface from a distance of about 25-30 cm. Apply 2-3 layers of the agent on time 2-5 minutes. Before another layer shake the bottle.
    Clean the spray nozzle after use! – Holding the can with the valve pointing downward, press the button emptying the content for about 5 seconds.
    In case of direct application on steel surface recommended imposition of the top layer of lacquer or enamel.
    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the Safety Data Sheet for the given product

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