Accelerating Agent

Accelerating agent


art. no.capacityquantity per carton
2342150 ml6
Accelerating Agent


Additive which accelerates the setting of products based on acrylic resins. Intendet for 2K polyurethane systems. Reduses drying time up to 50% comparing to cross-linking products without acceleration. It is allowed to use with FAST hardeners, also in spray booths, up to 60oC.

  • Shortens drying time even up to 50%, depending from th application conditions.
  • Doesn’t provoke dullness, even if baked in higher temperatures (up to 60°C).
  • Product easy to use.


Dosage: 1-2% for ready product mixture. For example;  up to  do 150 ml of a mixture must be added to capacity from 1,5 to 3,0 ml of the accelerator.

Caution: Do not exceed recommended quantities of the accelerator! Exceeding recommended dose will not increase hardening time, but might provoke formation of paints defect.

Mixture quantityRecommended accelerator quantity (1%)Max. accelerator quantity (2%)
100 ml1 ml2 ml
150 ml1,5 ml3 ml
300 ml3 ml6 ml
450 ml4,5 ml9 ml
600 ml6 ml12 ml

Spray viscosity:  Accelerator agent do not provoke any significant changes in application viscosity of the product.

Application time: The addition of the accelerator shortens pot life of a mixture 30-50 %, depending on application conditions.

Mixture must be applied directly after adding accelerator!

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