T1 Strong

Polishing compound


weightart. no. quantity per carton
250 g1009012
1 kg 100916
100 g x 12pcs DISPLAY103301 set
4,5 kg101032
T1 Strong


BRAYT T1 STRONG is a polishing compound dedicated to all types of varnish used in automotive and industry sector, including hard scratch resistant coatings (e.g. ceramic). Product is recommended to fresh polymerized coats and for old paint coatings. Removes easily scratches and sanding traces (abrasive paper 1500). Doesn’t contain fillers and silicones.

Cut level 8/10
Gloss level 8/10


  • Removes abrasive paper P1500 defects
  • Works with all applicators
  • Can work on any surfaces
  • Does not contain fillers
  • Can work on fresh and fully polymerized surfaces
  • Very easy to apply
  • Possibility to work mechanically and manually


Application: manual work, mechanical work (rotary polisher, dual action polisher)

Application process

  • Informacja
  • Recommended applicators
    • BRAYT LAMBSWOOL type „D” yellow
    • BRAYT LAMBSWOOL type „MM” white
    • BRAYT „JEANS” APPLICATOR for ‘orange peel’ removing
  • Informacja
  • Application
    • In case of hard scratch resistant varnishes apply with wool or hard foam.
    • Apply the small amount of product on the surface.
      In case of new applicator it is recommended to apply the compound also on it and pre-polish.
    • Polish with the rotary polisher in the optimal speed range 1200-1600 (max.2000), with light or medium pressure.
    • Polish until all defects will be removed.
    • The residues of the compound might be removed with microfiber cloth.
    • When large surfaces must be polished it is recommend to work on smaller fragments partially.

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