T3 Quick Wax & Shine

Quick wax


capacityart. no. quantity per carton
500 ml + spryskiwacz 121526
1 L + spryskiwacz 121536
T3 Quick Wax & Shine


BRAYT T3 QUICK WAX & SHINE simple and easy to use based on waxes, dedicated to all types of smooth and shiny surfaces (varnished, glass, plastic). It is possible with product to achieve gloss and color depth, surface becomes slippery. It shows great hydrophobic, nurturing and preserving properties. Doesn’t leave marks on plastic and rubber.

Properties: Gloss level 10/10


  • Allows to achieve great color depth
  • Provides perfect hydrophobic, nurturing and preserving properties
  • Dedicated to manual and mechanical work


Application: manual work, mechanical work

Application process

  • Informacja
  • Application
    • Suitable to all varnished surfaces with gloss
    • Can be applied on plastic (in- and outside on glossy elements), glass, seals without leaving marks.
    • Works with polishing compounds and milks in BRAYT polishing system.
    • Can be used in hard weather conditions (even in sunlight), except rain, snow and negative temperatures.
    • Surface shoul be dry.

    Manual work

    • Spray equally on the surface and spread gently.
    • Re-polish by rubbing with clean microfiber cloth.

    Mechanical work (DA polisher)

    • Spray equally on the surface and spread gently on minimal speed (soft foam).
    • Re-polish by increasing the speed into ideal gloss.

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