Universal Cleaner

Cleaning liquid


capacity art. no.quantity per carton
500 ml118496
Universal Cleaner


BRAYT UNIVERSAL CLEANER is dedicated to all types of varnish and clearcoats (incl. HS, 2K, nitro, synthetic) as well as to plastic, gel coats, glass, mirror, e.t.c.

Removes the mist and residues of abrasive agents efficiently.

Using Universal Cleaner allows to check the quality and gloss level of achieved coating.

Product is very easy to use (manual application).

Application process

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  • Application

    • Suitable to apply on varnished surfaces, gel coat, plastic, glass, seals (without leaving marks).
    • Spray on the surface, then rub with the microfiber cloth.
    •Works with polishing compounds and milks in BRAYT polishing system.

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