Microfiber cloth


typedimensionart. no.quantity per carton
universal (RED)40 x 40 cm3000055751
finishing (GRAY)40 x 40 cm 3000055731
cleaning 500g (WHITE)40 x 60 cm3000076481
finishing 300g (DARK GRAY+ RED HEM)40 x 60 cm3000076491
for waxes 600g (YELLOW)40 x 40 cm 3000076501
for window panel 300g (DARK GRAY+YELLOW HEM)40 x 40 cm3000076511
Microfiber cloth


Cloths for different purpose depending on color:

  • RED – for manual polishing and finishing
  • GRAY- for polishing process and finishing
  • DARK GRAY (yellow hem) – recommended for window panels
  • DARK GRAY (red hem) – for general use; for polishing process and removing residues of polishing compound after work
  • YELLOW – perfect for waxes
  • WHITE – perfect for drying and cleaning all types of surfaces

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