UBS Anti-gravel

Car body protection


ColorArt. noWeightQuantity per carton
black 3000102661kg12
white3000102651kg 12
grey 3000102671kg12

Gloss grade

UBS Anti-gravel


Product based on synthetic resins designed to protect the car body against the harmful effects of gasoline, oil, water and salt. Creates a strong, flexible layer for maximum stone chip protection. Features sound-absorbing and soundproofing properties. It does not contain asphalts and bitumen. Can be over coated with any acrylic varnish.


The product has very good adhesion to various substrates. It can be applied over:

  • Polyester laminates,
  • Polyester putties,
  • Epoxy primers,
  • 2K acrylic primers,
  • Steel substrates,
  • Stainless steel substrates,
  • Aluminum substrates,
  • Zinc coated substrates,
  • Wash primers,
  • Plastic.

In the case of plastic, it is recommended to heat the element at 50 ° C before application of te UBS antigravel. This will facilitate the removal of silicone from the plastic surface.

Good surface preparation is essential to achieve the best repair results.

Important informations

  • Zamieszać

    Shake before use !

  • Liczba warstw

    2÷3 layers

  • Czas odparowania

    between layers
    5÷10 min.

  • Czas utwardzania

    Drying time
    40÷60 min. / 20°C

Application process

  • Informacja
  • Surface preparation
    • Polyester laminates should be degreased, dry sanded (P80-P120) and degreased again.
    • Polyester putties should be dry sanded (P120).
    • Primers should be degreased, dry sanded (P220-P280) and degreased again.
    • Steel surfaces should be degreased, dry sanded (P80-P120) and degreased again.
    • Stainless steel should be degreased.
    • Aluminium and zinc surfaces should be degreased, dulled with the abrasive cloth and degreased again.
    • Old coatings should be degreased, dry sanded (P220-P280) and degreased again.
    • Plastic surfaces should be washed with detergent, dulled with abrasive cloth and degreased.
  • Informacja
  • Use

    Shake before use!

    Apply 2 or 3 layers with interval of 5-10 minutes between each layer.
    If applied directly on steel, it is recommended to apply top coat or enamel first.

  • Liczba warstw
  • Spray gun parameters

    Pressure : 4-5 bar

    Layer thickness

    The recommended dry thickness is between 350 and 400 μm (500 – 550 μm wet)

  • Czas utwardzania
  • Drying time

    40 ÷ 60 minutes at 20°C

  • Informacja
  • Over Coating

    Clear coat can be applied 1 hour after the last layer has been applied.

    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the Safety Data Sheet for the product.

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