V2018 Anticorrosive Rapid Drying HS 4:1

Fast acrylic primer


Color Art. No. Capacity Quantity per carton
grey119230,8 l + 0,2 l6
white120040,8 l + 0,2 l6
black 120050,8 l + 0,2 l6
grey 121403,6 l4
white 121653,6 l4
black 121643,6 l4
hardener121410,9 l4

Gloss grade

V2018 Anticorrosive Rapid Drying HS 4:1



Top-quality 2K acrylic primer with anticorrosion additives and excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, polyester putties and old paint coatings. Characterized by its short drying time, the V2018 is an ideal solution for smart quick car body repairs. High solids content (HS primer) and additives in formulation guarantee very good filling, anti-corrosion protection and exceptional finish.


  • Express drying time (1h / 20 °C).
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult substrates.
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Very good vertical stability.
  • Very good filling properties.


Acrylic Primer V2018 can be applied over:

  • Steel and aluminum after flatting and degreased.
  • Zinc coated steel after flatting and degreased.
  • Sanded polyester glass laminates (GFK/GRP).
  • 2K polyester body fillers and putties.
  • Wash primers.
  • 2K epoxy primers.
  • Old finishes in good condition after sanding and degreasing.

Good preparation is necessary for achieving best results. Following sandpaper gradations are recommended:

  • by hand (dry or wet): P280÷P320 (GRP P400),
  • by machine (dry): P180÷P220.

Important informations

  • Przetrzeć odtłuścić


  • Proporcje mieszania

    Mixing ratio
    4 : 1 + 0÷5%

  • Lepkość natryskowa

    Spraying viscosity
    30÷50 sec. / 20°C

  • Żywotność mieszanki

    Pot life
    about 65 min. / 20°C

  • Liczba warstw

    2÷3 layers
    about 70-90 µm for each layer

  • Czas odparowania

    between layers
    5÷10 minutes

  • Czas odparowania

    for total thickness of 150÷180 µm
    about 1 hour at 20°C.
    about 10 minutes at 60°C.

  • Czas utwardzania

    Drying time
    1 h / 20°C
    10 min. / 60°C

  • Szlifowanie na sucho

    P360 ÷ P500

  • Szlifowanie na mokro

    P600 ÷ P1000

Application process

  • Zastosowanie
  • Use

    For car repairs as a filling primer.

  • Proporcje mieszania
  • Mixing proportion by volume

    Primer: 4
    Hardener: 1
    Thinner max: 0-5%

    Stir thoroughly until achieving homogenous mixture.

  • Lepkość natryskowa
  • Spraying viscosity

    30÷50 seconds at 20°C

  • Żywotność mieszanki
  • Pot life

    Approx. 65 minutes at 20°C

  • Liczba warstw
  • Number of layers

    2÷3 layers; Approximately 70÷90µm for one layer.

    Parameters for RP spray gun
    Nozzle: 1,6÷2,0 mm; Pressure: 2,0-2,2 bar.

    Parameters for HVLP spray gun
    Nozzle: 1,5÷1,9 mm; pressure: 2,0 bar.

  • Czas odparowania
  • Flash off time

    Between coats: 5÷10 minutes
    Before baking: approximately 10 minutes

    Flash off time depends on temperature and film thickness.

  • Czas utwardzania
  • Drying time

    Drying time for thickness of 150÷180 µm
    Approx 1hour in 20°C.
    Approx 10min in 60°C

    Drying time for thickness of 180÷250 µm
    Approx 2 hours in 20°C.

    Temperatures below 20°C significantly increases the drying time.

  • Suszenie promieniem IR
  • IR drying

    150÷180 µm: 10÷15 minutes under short wave.
    Do not exceed 60°C.
    Use as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
    Wait about 10 minutes before starting the heater drying.

  • Szlifowanie na sucho
  • Dry sanding

    Grinding Machine: P360÷P500.
    Manual Sanding: P280÷P320.

  • Szlifowanie na mokro
  • Wet sanding

    Grinding Machine: P600÷P1000.
    Manual Sanding: P800÷P1000.

  • Informacja
  • Further work

    2K acrylic primers can be directly over coated with:

    • 2K acrylic top coats.
    • 1K base coats.
  • Informacja
  • General notes
    • Do not exceed recommended doses of hardener!
    • The best repair results can be achieved at room temperature. Temperature in body shop and temperature of a product should be the same.
    • When working with 2K products, it is recommended to use personal protection equipment. Protect the eyes and air ways.
    • Clean the guns and equipment immediately after use.
    • The rooms should be well ventilated.

    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for the products.

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