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Polyester spray filler


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Gloss grade

Spray Filler



Spray polyester filler creates a perfectly smooth surface, even on large vertical pannels.

Ideal for for filling scratches left from application of polyester putties. Requires addition of thinner.


  • High quality 2K polyester spray filler dedicated for car body repair.
  • Easy application.
  • Short drying time.
  • Isolates very well primer and top coats from polyester body filler and putties.


The product has very good adhesion to various surfaces. It can be applied over:

  • Steel and aluminum after flatting and degreasing.
  • Sanded glass fibre (GFK/GRP), polyester putties, acrylic and epoxy primers and old paitn coatings in good condition.

Caution: Do not apply polyester spray fillers directly on the reactive primers, 1K acrylic and nitrocellulose products.

Important informations

  • Przetrzeć odtłuścić


  • Proporcje mieszania

    Mixing ratio
    100 : 4,5 + 10%

  • Lepkość natryskowa

    Spray viscosity
    ~ 50s / 20°C

  • Żywotność mieszanki

    Pot life
    20 min. / 20°C

  • Liczba warstw

    1÷3 layer
    HVLP / RP
    ø2,0÷ 3,0 mm

  • Czas odparowania

    between layers
    ~5 min.

  • Czas odparowania

    before baking
    ~ 10 min.

  • Czas utwardzania

    Hardening time
    2 ÷ 3 h / 20°C
    25 ÷ 30 min. / 60°C

  • Szlifowanie

    P180 ÷ P320

Application process

  • Zastosowanie
  • Use

    For filling small damages during car body repairs.
    For isolation acrylic coatings from polyester putties.

  • Proporcje mieszania
  • Mixing ratio by volume

    Putty: 100
    Hardener: 4,5
    Thinner max: 10%

    Stir thoroughly until achieving homogenous consistency.

  • Lepkość natryskowa
  • Spray viscosity

    50 (+/-5) sec. in 20°C

    Gel time
    20 (+/-3) min. in 20°C

  • Czas życia
  • Layer numbers

    1÷3 layers
    Gun parameters
    Nozzle: 2,0÷3.0 mm
    Pressure: according to gun producer recommendations, usually 2,0÷2,5 bar.
    Layer thickness
    Do not exceed the thickness of 200µm every single wet layer.
    Do not exceed the thickness of 600 µm.

  • Czas odparowania
  • Evaporation time

    Between layers: approx. 5 min.
    Before baking: approx. 10 min.

    Evaporation time depends from the temperature and thickness of the layer.

  • Czas utwardzania
  • Hardening time

    2-3 hours in 20°C.
    25-30 minutes in 60°C.

    Temperature below 20°C significantly increases the hardening time.

  • Szlifowanie
  • Sanding

    Finishing coarsing (dry): P180÷P320.

  • Suszenie promieniem IR
  • IR Drying

    5÷7 minutes of short waves, depending on the layer thickness and the type of radiator.
    Do not exceed the temperature of 60°C.
    Use as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

    Caution: Wait about 5 minutes before the IR drying process.

  • Informacja
  • Efficiency

    1 liter of the mixture is enough to paint about 8 m2 of the surface with a 100 µm thick layer.

  • Informacja
  • Further work

    Polyester putties can be over coated with:

    • 2K acrylic fillers.
    • 2K epoxy fillers.
  • Informacja
  • General notes
    • Minimal application temperature is +15°C.
    • Use personal protection equipment during the 2K products application. Protect eyes and respiratory system.
    • The rooms should be well ventilated.
    • Tools should be washed directly after application.

    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for
    the products.

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