1K Plastic Primer

1K Plastic Primer


color nr art.capacityquantity per carton
straw-transparent1360 1 l6

Gloss grade

1K Plastic Primer



Ready to use 1K primer dedicated for the repair of plastic elements as an adhesion promoter.

Recommended for most plastics, except polyethylene.


  • Suitable for application wet on wet.
  • Very short drying time.
  • Very good adhesion to plastic.


It is designed to be applied on surfaces made of various kinds of plastic, especially polypropylene, PP, and its mixtures.

Note: The coating does not improve adhesion to surfaces made of polyethylene, PE.

Good surface preparation is essential to achieve the best repair results.

Important informations

  • Lepkość natryskowa

    spraying viscosity
    10 ÷ 12s / 20°C

  • Liczba warstw

    1÷2 layers
    HVLP / RP
    ø1,2 ÷ 1,4 mm

  • Czas odparowania

    between layers
    ~5 min.

  • Czas odparowania

    before painting
    10 min.

  • Nie szlifować


Application process

  • Zastosowanie
  • Use

    For car body repairs, as an adhesion promoter for the application of primers and clear coats to plastic surfaces.

  • Lepkość natryskowa
  • Spraying viscosisty

    10÷12 seconds at 20°C

    Ready to use product.

  • Liczba warstw
  • Number of layers

    1÷2 layers.
    Dry layer thickness: about 15 μm

    Gun parameters
    RP Nozzle: 1,2÷1,4mm; Pressure: 2,0÷2,2 bar.
    HVLP Nozzle: 1.3÷1,4mm; Inlet pressure: 2,0 bar.

  • Czas odparowania
  • Flash off time

    Between layers: about 5 minutes
    Before paiting: about 10 minutes

    Flash off time dependes on the temperature and layer thickness.

  • Nie szlifować
  • Do not sand!
  • Informacja
  • Performance

    1 liter of the mixture is enough to paint a surface of 7 ÷ 8 m2 of with a layer of 15 μm.

  • Informacja
  • Further work

    1K plastic primer can be directly over coated with:

    • 2K acrylic primers.
    • 2K acrylic top coats.
    • 1K base coats.
  • Informacja
  • General notes
    • The best repair results can be achieved at room temperature. The temperature in the body shop and the temperature of the product should be similar
    • It is recommended to use personal protection equipment. Protect the eyes and air ways.
    • The rooms should be well ventilated.
    • Clean the guns and equipment immediately after use.

    Caution: To maintain safety, always follow the instructions given in the MSDS for the products.

    Designed for application on substrates made of various types of plastics, especially polypropylene (PP) and its mixtures.

    Note: The manufacturer does not guarantee adhesion to pure polyethylene, PE.

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